Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preface to Bits and Bytes for Business blog

Hi. If you are someone who goes online hoping to sometimes find IT information which you can apply to your work life, then I welcome you to this blog.  This blog writes about the application of information technologies to business, small or otherwise.
      You might think I am either an IT expert or a business guru to be writing about these subjects. Honestly, I am neither of the two. You may even know more about these matters than I do. Honestly, I am just that someone who knows a little but wants to know more through reading, doing research, writing blogposts, and receiving feedback from them.

      You may wonder why I chose IT and business as subjects of my blog. For one, my interest in these subjects came after having developed some business application software in the company I worked for. I delighted in the experience as the software helped that company in many ways.

      This experience in software development is now becoming a passion. This desire to know more about  IT and computers gotten me into a computer engineering course. It has also gotten me into blogging!

      Some of the topics I plan to write about include: the business use of the Internet, whence I plan to discuss the pros and cons of Internet Marketing, e-Commerce, etc; business process reengineering, focusing on business application software; and IT infrastructure in the business setting, enlightening readers about routers, ISPs, etc.

     If your aspirations parallel mine, I’d appreciate it very much if you will follow me in this blog. More so, I’d be delighted if you will enrich my publications with your comments. Lastly, I’d be honored to follow your blog.

Together, let us learn from each other and be among the builders of a community of learners.